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Book & Chapters

•    Hughes, J.M.R., Clarkson, B. Castro-Castellon, A.T. , L. Higgs (2018) Wetland plants and aquatic macrophytes. In “Freshwater Ecology & Conservation: A Handbook of Techniques”, Techniques in Ecology and Conservation Series. Hughes, J.M.R. Editor. Oxford University Press, 440 pp.
•    AT Castro-Castellon, MJ Chipps, JMR Hughes, NP Hankins (2014) Living-Filter: an in-reservoir biofiltration system for phytoplankton reduction at the abstraction point. In “Progress in Slow Sand and Alternative Biofiltration Processes Further Developments and Applications”. Nakamoto N., Graham N.J.  Collins M.R. and Gimbel R, Editors. IWA Publishing, 584 pp. 
•    Ana Teresa Castro-Castellón, Francisco Ponce Gordo & Rafael A. Martínez Díaz. (2004) Indice-Catalogo of Protozoos Parasitos en Aves de Cria y Consumo. (Index-Catalogue of parasite Protozoa in Poultry). University Autonoma of Madrid Publishers, 260 pp. ISBN 10: 847477893X ISBN 13: 9788474778939

Published papers

    Hill, M.J., Thornhill, I., Tiegs, S.D., Castro-Castellon, A., Hernández-Avilés, J.S., Daw, A., Salinas-Camarillo, V.H. and Hobbs, S. (2022). Organic-matter decomposition in urban stream and pond habitats. Ecological Indicators, 142, p.109232.

    Thornhill, I., Hill, M.J., Castro-Castellon, A., Gurung, H., Hobbs, S., Pineda-Vazquez, M., Gómez-Osorio, M.T., Hernández-Avilés, J.S., Novo, P., Mesa-Jurado, A. and Calderon-Contreras, R., (2022). Blue-space availability, environmental quality and amenity use across contrasting socioeconomic contexts. Applied Geography, 144, p.102716.

    Ana T. Castro-Castellon, Alice A. Horton, Jocelyne M.R. Hughes, Cordelia Rampley, Elizabeth S. Jeffers, Gianbattista Bussi, PaulWhitehead. (2021). Ecotoxicity of microplastics to freshwater biota: Considering exposure and hazard across trophic levels.

    ​Castro-Castellon, A.T., Hughes, J.M.R., Read, D.S. et al. (2021) The role of rhizofiltration and allelopathy on the removal of cyanobacteria in a continuous flow system. Environ Sci Pollut Res.

   Whitehead, P.G., Bussi, G., Hughes, J.M., Castro-Castellon, A.T., Norling, M.D., Jeffers, E.S., Rampley, C.P., Read, D.S. and Horton, A.A. (2021). Modelling microplastics in the River Thames: sources, sinks and policy implications. Water, 13(6), p.861.

    Castro-Castellon, A.T. MJ Chipps, NP Hankins, JMR Hughes (2016). Lessons from the “Living-Filter”: An in-reservoir floating treatment wetland for phytoplankton reduction prior to a water treatment works intake. Ecological Engineering, 95, pp.839-851.
•    BM Spears, M Lürling, S Yasseri, AT Castro-Castellon et al. (2013). Lake responses following lanthanum-modified bentonite clay (Phoslock®) application: An analysis of water column lanthanum data from 16 case study lakes. Water Research 47 (15), 5930-5942.
•    F. Ponce Gordo, S. Herrera, A.T. Castro, B. García Durán, R.A. Martínez Díaz (2002) Parasites from farmed ostriches (Struthio camelus) and rheas (Rhea americana) in Europe. Veterinary Parasitology, 107, 137-160.
•    Rafael A Martinez-Diaz, Ana Teresa Castro, Silvia Herrera, Francisco Ponce (2001). First report of the Genus Retortamonas (Sarcomastigophora: Retortamonadidae) in Birds. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz, 96, (7), 961-963.
•    R.A. Martínez-Díaz, S. Herrera, A.T. Castro, F. Ponce (2000). Entamoeba sp. (Sarcomastigophora: Endamoebidae) from ostriches (Struthio camelus) (Aves: Struthionidae). Veterinary Parasitology, 92, 173-179. 

Conference papers & speaker

•    Castro-Castellon, A. (2018) Chemical Engineering Day, Engineering Science Dept. University of Oxford, UK, 20th April. 

•    Castro-Castellon, A. (2018) Oxford Water Network Seminar, School of Geography and Environment, University of Oxford, UK, 1st March.​

•    Castro-Castellon, A.T., Chipps, M.J., Hankins, N.P., Hughes, J.M.R. (2015) A field scale Living-Filter and mesocosms experiment to identify physico-chemical and biological mechanisms for phytoplankton biomass reduction. 3rd IWA Symposium in Lakes & Reservoir Management, Pembroke, Virginia, USA, 4th –8th August.

    Castro-Castellon, A.T., Chipps, M.J., Hankins, N.P., Hughes, J.M.R. (2014) Living-Filter: a combined system of artificial floating reed-beds and baffles for reduction of phytoplankton loading onto a water treatment plant. 10th Constructed Wetland and 8th European Waste Water Management, Manchester, UK, 7th– 8th October
•    AT Castro-Castellon, MJ Chipps, JMR Hughes, NP Hankins (2014) Living-Filter: an in-reservoir biofiltration system for phytoplankton reduction at the abstraction point. The 5th International Slow Sand and Alternative Biological Filtration, Nagoya, Japan 18th –21st June. 
•    AT Castro-Castellon, MJ Chipps, JMR Hughes, NP Hankins (2013) Floating reed bed for in-reservoir treatment. Potable Water Treatment Supply Network Conference: “Maintaining the Flow”. 6th Conference of the UK Network on Potable Water and Supply ,Vincent Lecture Theatre, Cranfield University, UK,12th September.
•    Castro-Castellon, AT., Hawkes, M., Yallop, M.R, Hayes, P.J. (2011) A case study: restoration measures to control cyanobacteria in a drinking water reservoir. Proceedings 2nd IWA Symposium on Lake and Reservoir Management: Sustainable Approaches to Enhance Water Quality. Granada 13th -17th June.

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